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Without readers, a book is just some ink on paper. Books and authors need readers, reviewers, a following, and a strategic plan to obtain and maintain all those relationships. The good news is, if you've published a book through JCP you are already receiving complimentary marketing! Learn about the complimentary marketing JCP provides to our authors here.


Still, it can be hard to juggle branding and marketing yourself and your book(s) while also focusing on being a writer.

Jan-Carol Publishing can plant the seeds of your creative marketing solution, so that you can reap the reward.


With our 75+ years combined experience, JCP offers creative marketing solutions for published authors and their books. Each marketing plan is customizable to the needs of you and your work. Whether you're looking to start a website, reach out on social media, or have professional reviews, we have the experience and technical expertise to take your book marketing campaign to the next level.

Individual Marketing Options

WEBSITE JCP will make a referral to a website creator to build an author website for you and then hand it over to you to maintain. (Pricing Determined by Website Needs) SOCIAL MEDIA INSTRUCTION JCP will teach you how to create and use your social media platforms through a Skype or video chat, or through an in person meeting. $80 for a two hour minimum session (fee based in increments of 15 minutes after two hours) AUTHOR INTERVIEW JCP will conduct an interview with you to be shared via social media and at least one press release. Select interview questions and answers could also be used for other promotional purposes, such as in a Book of the Month email and in a Voice Magazine ad. $100 Pre-Release Package — $200 • Specified Release Date • Extra Press Release • EBook Special Special Edition Package (Price determined by merchandise requirements) • Limited Edition • Merchandise • Book of the Month Author Branding Package — $250 & up • Website • Social Media Instruction • Author Interview • Voice Magazine for Women Online and Print Ad
SPECIFIED RELEASE DATE JCP will set your book to be released on a specific day and do one pre-press release and extra marketing via social media in advance. $100 EXTRA PRESS RELEASES JCP will compose and distribute a dedicated extra press release for a related topic of your choosing, such as a book signing or positive review. Purchase more than one for a discount! Our press releases are sent to a variety of markets, from local to international. $50 for one, $80 for two, $100 for three BOOK BLOG TOUR We will send promotional material about your book to a different blog every day for two weeks. $125 INSTAGRAM REVIEWS We will submit your book to Instagram reviewers for review. $75 BOOK REVIEWS JCP will ensure that your book receives 10–20 reviews on either Amazon or Goodreads. $150 BOOK SIGNING FREEBIES JCP will create bookmarks, postcards, and/or a poster for an upcoming event or book signing. $50–$175 (Priced according to purchase; shipping included)
BOOK TRAILER JCP will create a book trailer for your book. $75–$150 VOICE MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN ONLINE AND PRINT AD Voice Magazine has an extensive online reach and 1300 Facebook followers, both of which are continuously growing, as well as an established reader base in the Tri-Cities region. We will include an ad for your book in the magazine and online for the specified period. $45 for book ad (Pricing per month; will increase with ad size) OR $100.00 for 3 months for book ad size LIMITED EDITION We will offer a limited edition version of your book exclusively through JCP. This version will have an alternate cover and a limited edition seal for promotion. The special edition file will be uploaded for printing for a limited promotional time. The regular file will replace this limited edition after the designated promotional period. $325 MERCHANDISE JCP will create t-shirts, journals, and more that show the cover of your book or art from your book. (Price determined on an individual basis) BOOK OF THE MONTH JCP selects a book to promote to our growing list of wholesalers and retailers each month. We will promote your book for a specified month directly to wholesalers and retailers. This list can reach 1000’s. $125 E-BOOK SPECIAL JCP will run an eBook special, priced at .99 cents, for your book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com for a specified time period or day. $75

Marketing Packages

Media Package — $300 • Book Trailer • Book Blog Tour • Voice Magazine for Women Online and Print Ad Book Signing Package — $175 • Book Signing Schedule • Book Signing Freebies • Extra Press Release Review Package — $325 • Instagram Review • Book Reviews • Book Blog Tour


Select any of the following to build a package that fits your needs and budget! Click here.


*Authors not published under JCP are still eligible to receive marketing. Prices are subject to increase for outside authors.

FACEBOOK/TWITTER AD COMBO Jumpstart your marketing with ad campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter. Our talented graphic design team will create an eye-catching ad for your book to capture the attention of social media followers everywhere! $109

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